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YOU SHOULD KNOW! I was born the son of Leo and Louise Rucinski in the summer of 1966. Growing up in Warren the youngest of six kids, there was a lot of love and discipline in the house on Palm Beach drive! I had my butt spanked when needed and learned right from wrong real early in life.

Whether we wanted to or not we went to church every weekend at St. Sylvester’s church. Mom n dad said, “As long as you’re living under my roof you’re going to church.”. Little did I know then how valuable those lessons of right and wrong would serve me later in life. Our neighborhood was packed with kids, most of whom I still keep in touch with. We refer to ourselves as “The PalmBeachBums”. Of the 6 families on our street the fewest kids in one family was 5! Of the 25 or so kids I knew growing up, we only had one who struggled with drugs and the law. None of the parents put up with any BS. And their style of parenting served us all well.

For schooling, I went to Rinke Elementary, Hartsig Junior High and Cousino High school. I was a B-C average student. I did much better in college when I was paying for it out of my own pocket! Before that, when I was 14 I started cutting grass for my Grandpa Tony. He couldn’t handle it anymore in his 70’s. At first I hated it! He was tough and demanding, yet caring and instructive. He’d bark at me…” Be on time! Respect your elders! Always be honest, bla bla bla !” He became my father figure after dad died when I was 16. Before grandpa died in 1988 he encouraged me to start this business. Mom couldn’t afford it, so I earned my way through college cutting grass and trimming shrubs. I got my teaching degree in English, History and Physical Education. Getting a teaching job proved hard. Jobs were available out of state but I didn’t want to move. Substitute teaching paid little so I kept working at the business. After a while I realized I only wanted to grow my business. Ma was initially disappointed I never used my degree, but knew an education is never wasted! College taught me more discipline, how to work harder than ever, and skills I use every day. I developed my Business strategy for Warren Landscaping. Work locally in Warren and Center Line to keep travel costs and time down. Be Honest, Do a good job at a reasonable price and get more local referrals. After 20 + years this has worked great!

As far as my company Warren Landscaping goes, we’re honest, dependable and very affordable. We will not disappoint you, I guarantee it or it’s free! Sure there are a lot of companies to choose from but we’re not all just grass cutters! My company has a 96% satisfaction rate. Our prices are among the lowest in the industry and our customers stay with us year after year. Money is tight (especially for seniors), and a good value is what you want. Hire Warren Landscaping and you’ll never have to worry about your lawn service again.

HELPING OUR COMMUNITY. I have been blessed with loyal customers and to earn a good living. We donate 10% of our profits to the Capuchin Soup Kitchens in Detroit. They have been serving hot meals since the Great Depression. Customers doing business with us helped raise almost $7,000 for the poor & needy of Metro Detroit. We’ve helped the hungry get warm meals; those dirty get a hot shower; those with ragged clothes get newer and warmer clothing. It’s been a rough year for many, and it’s easy to only think of ourselves, but there’s always someone we can help to put our blessings in perspective!

I consider my history important for you to know. You should feel comfortable and trusting of the people you have working for you. I was raised to be honest, respectful, helpful to others, and grateful for my gifts. The way I do business is from the way I was raised.

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